Building Strong Families

@Home Center

What’s this all about?

@HOME is a place C3 has designed to help you and your family grow intentionally with your faith at home.

Every few months a new FEATURED RESOURCE will be introduced. It will guide you and provide practical actions you can take HOME.
Each featured resource will be added to our @HOME Center in the lobby and on the website

Our Goals
  • Families will build strong marriages and nurturing faith at home
  • Families will be more intentional with their faith

What are Resources?

Pointers, Recipe Cards, recommended books, Amazon resources, and C3Channel

Where to get Resources?

@Home Center in the church lobby or here on the website

What are Pointers?

Resources designed to guide you in many life stages and special situations you’re facing

What are Recipe Cards?

Fun & easy ideas for great family time

What is 120-Day Plan?

A tool to help you assess your faith @Home and equip you to improve.

What about Holidays?

Check out holiday specific recipe cards for family fun.

Your Life @ HOME

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Sunday Services: 8:30am | 9:50am | 11:15am