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We have compiled a list of materials and videos to assist you in leading a group.

Group Description Information

Group Description Form

Please fill out this form to provide the church with information your group for the published catalog & for C3Online.
Not for Thursday Women’s Bible Study Groups.
This link will be available ONLY during the formation of the groups.

Group Description Form for Thursday WOMEN's Bible Study

Please fill out this form to provide the church with information your group for the published catalog & for C3Online.
This link will be available ONLY during the formation of the groups.

Training Handouts

Nuts and Bolts

This guide provides you with an overview about the Nut’s and Bolt’s of what it means to lead a group.

C3 Group Communion Instructions

This document gives you information and instructions regarding having communion in your group.

Group Leader Philosophy Training

This guide goes along with the Philosophy Training Videos.

Training Videos & Information

C3 Group Member Agreement

Group member agreement to make the Group a priority.

Group Leader Philosophy Training Video

comprehensive leader training video.

Watch the videos below to see how you can use the C3ONLINE (Chuch Community Builder)  to manage your group.

You can follow along by logging into C3online, just click  C3ONLINE button.

Group Information

Child Reimbursement Form

We want to make Group Life as easy as possible for couples and single parents to attend or lead.  That is why C3 provides reimbursement option for your childcare expenses.

We encourage each Group Life group participate in an Outreach opportunity.

Coat Donation

New or gently used adult coats or women's and children's winter boots.

Birthday Box for Foster Children

This year C3 is putting together birthday party boxes for foster children. This box will be delivered to the foster family in advance so the child can have a small birthday party. Contents in each box can be purchases at the dollar store for under $10 and are to include: cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, napkins, cups and balloons. If groups are able to provide more you may also include a $20-$30 pizza gift card and $20-$30 Wal-Mart gift card. The C3 staff will use the gift card to purchase a gift off the child's wish list.

UGM February 18th & March 25

Need ten volunteers to help sort and organize on these two dates from 2pm-4pm

Homeless Pack

Many people struggle with giving handouts, because your not sure what the person will spend it on

Here is a fun small group project to help the homeless.
A "Homeless Pack", a gallon ziplock bag with some helpful items in it.
Below are some examples of things that can be put into a "Homeless Pack".
Tri-cities UGM Panhandling

  • Pair of socks
  • Granola bars
  • Toothbrush
  • Bottle of water (or more on hot summer days)
  • Bible track (if they don't know Jesus, we sure hope they will)
  • TCUGM Rescue Card (if they are homeless, they can come to the Mission for help.

Once created you can divvy them out to your group to keep in their glove box for the future, or go out as a group together and give them out to people in need.

Men's Group

Men's group only can contact Pastor Aaron to join the Men at Teen Challenge to serve the community together on a Monday evening. The men's small group will provide Salad and Pizza to get to know then men and their needs prior to going out and serving together.

Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball with Adam can invite Teen Challenge Men to a Monday night meet and greet and shoot some hoops!

Sign-Up Form for Group Outreach (except Soul Soup)

15 + 5 =


Group Curriculum Guide

Allows you to view the latest curriculum options for Type 3 learning groups

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