Outreach Mission Statement

Columbia Community Church Outreach exists to provide outreach opportunities to

make more & better followers of Jesus Christ.

Our C3 family encourages outreach involvement!

Group Life Support

Outreach Week

Each group life semester, we focus one week on outreach opportunities, so all of our Group Life groups have an outreach element.

Coat Donation

New or gently used adult coats or women's and children's winter boots.

Birthday Box for Foster Children

This year C3 is putting together birthday party boxes for foster children. This box will be delivered to the foster family in advance so the child can have a small birthday party. Contents in each box can be purchases at the dollar store for under $10 and are to include: cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, napkins, cups and balloons. If groups are able to provide more you may also include a $20-$30 pizza gift card and $20-$30 Wal-Mart gift card. The C3 staff will use the gift card to purchase a gift off the child's wish list.

UGM February 18th & March 25

Need ten volunteers to help sort and organize on these two dates from 2pm-4pm

Homeless Pack

Many people struggle with giving handouts, because your not sure what the person will spend it on

Here is a fun small group project to help the homeless.
A "Homeless Pack", a gallon ziplock bag with some helpful items in it.
Below are some examples of things that can be put into a "Homeless Pack".
Tri-cities UGM Panhandling

  • Pair of socks
  • Granola bars
  • Toothbrush
  • Bottle of water (or more on hot summer days)
  • Bible track (if they don't know Jesus, we sure hope they will)
  • TCUGM Rescue Card (if they are homeless, they can come to the Mission for help.

Once created you can divvy them out to your group to keep in their glove box for the future, or go out as a group together and give them out to people in need.

Men's Group

Men's group only can contact Pastor Aaron to join the Men at Teen Challenge to serve the community together on a Monday evening. The men's small group will provide Salad and Pizza to get to know then men and their needs prior to going out and serving together.

Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball with Adam can invite Teen Challenge Men to a Monday night meet and greet and shoot some hoops!

Outreach Groups

Specific Group Life small groups are completely outreach-based.  Every semester (approximately every 3 months), C3ers have an opportunity to sign up for Group Life groups.

Outreach Trips

A few times per year, C3 organizes regional, national, or international outreach trips.

2016 Jamaica Trip

[c3_ccbpress_single_event id="3961"]

Facebook and Instagram Check-in

We partner with www.causely.com to provide goods and services through reputable non-profit organizations!  Every time you attend a C3 event (whether on campus or offsite), simply check in to Columbia Community Church on Facebook or add us as a location tag on your Instagram post.  You’ll be joining thousands of churches and organizations across the country to provide help to those in need!  Each month we have a different beneficiary, which is announced on social media and at each of our Sunday services.  Check in.  Do good!

Community Partnerships

Helping our neighbors

C3 supports many external organizations. We encourage church members to support them as well. As a church body we select four to six organizations to focus our attention on each year. We alternate organizations based on their needs. We do support other organizations as well, but the majority of our support goes to this year’s Focused Outreach Organizations.

C3’s Focused Outreach Organizations

tri-cities pregnancy network

The Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy focuses on the whole person – their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Through Hospice Care, Chaplain Services and Grief Support they comfort, guide and care for people experiencing end-of-life, illness, personal crisis and loss.  


Grace Clinic

Grace Clinic

Grace Clinic provides free medical and related services to uninsured people in the Tri-Cities through a holistic approach. They seek to meet the needs of the whole person by providing services such as medical care, medications, urgent dental care, mental health counseling, and spiritual care.

tri-cities pregnancy network

Tri-cities Pregnancy Network

Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network has offered compassionate and competent care to those who are pregnant and parenting for over 25 years.  

Teen Challenge

The Teen Challenge Tri-Cities Men’s Outeach is a non-profit faith-based program for men who are 18 years or older, whose lives are being destroyed by life-controlling problems. It may be drugs, alcohol, gang activity, destructive behavior or other negative life styles. These guys love having someone cook them dinner, lead a Bible study, or drive them to appointments.


Grace Clinic

Ignite Youth Mentoring

IYM is a faith-based organization determined to provide positive, safe, and encouraging adults to kids in need of quality role models. IYM is passionate about promoting involvement in and service to our great Tri—Cities community, knowing that everyone, including our great faith organizations, plays a role.

C3 Resource Ministry

C3 Resources Ministry:  There are times when the struggles of life can be difficult. They can impact our finances and our ability to meet basic needs. C3 has a ministry that offers financial and tangible support to attenders, acquaintances, and the community, based on eligibility.  If you would like to donate to this, click the button below

Other Organizations

Click the logo below to get more information.


C3 has partnered with Reach by Causely to provide needed items and services to proven non-profit organizations through Facebook check-ins.

Soul Soup

Soul Soup Tri-Cities is a ministry whose goal is to serve a warm meal a few times per week to help reduce hunger in the Tri-Cities.  The group targets homeless, poor, elderly & disabled, but anyone is welcome for a meal.

Tri-City Union Gospel Mission

UGM exists to serve homeless and impoverished people in southeast Washington and northeast Oregon communities, that they may be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become God-serving, God-dependent, contributing members of society.

Boys & Girls Club jof Benton & Frankling Counties

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties is committed to empowering all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Consistent with their values of Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, and Passion for Youth; they provide a broad range of programs and activities.

Domestic Violence Service

DVS of Benton and Franklin Counties is comprised of caring and dedicated individuals – focused on providing the best advocacy and support services for domestic violence victims in our community.

Embracing Orphans

Embracing Orphans is a grassroots, unique non-profit working voluntarily to offer help to the orphaned, abused, and neglected children of Jamaica. Their approach is through assisting in the childcare and protection agency of Jamaica – the Child Development Agency. They ask a lot of questions about needs, interests, and hopes and then meet these through relational programs and fundraising.

Audio Bible

Daily Audio Bible

Daily Audio Bible  is committed to guiding Christians worldwide into an intimate and daily friendship with the Bible. This is accomplished by providing the spoken Word of God freely in multiple languages and by the creation and establishment of communities that have no geographical limitations. Our efforts are devoted to exposing the rich texture and heritage of the Bible’s life changing power by educating the Believer on how to engage in and interact with the ancient Scriptures in a future world.

Fields of Grace

Fields of Grace: Click the logo to visit their volunteer page.  Fields of Grace volunteers are the hands of service that pick the fruits and vegetables for residents in need. Since its inception, the ministry has trained over 1,000 volunteers who have logged over 8,000 hours of service to harvest nearly 900,000 pounds of produce. This produce has included apples, sweet corn, carrots, sweet cherries, apricots, plums, grapes, prunes, tomatoes, potatoes, among other fruits and vegetables. In total, Fields of Grace has provided over 2.5 million individual servings of healthy fruits and vegetables. This is a family-friendly outreach organization.

Audio Bible


C3 is honored to support the following missionaries:

Josh Patty of Josiah Venture (Slovenia)

Ken Oldham of Living Link (Egypt)

The Smalley Family in Indonesia

Are you interested in Outreach Opportunities?

Email Pastor Aaron here or call the church office

150 Gage Boulevard | Richland, Washington 99352

Sunday Services: 8:30am | 9:50am | 11:15am